The term ‘facilities management’ is widely used to cover a large range of activities. There is not one simple, adequate description, as many things will fall under the umbrella term. A facilities management company’s main objective is to help clients focus on their core business.

What is Facilities Management?

In essence, facilities management means to strategically outsource services to one party. Therefore, it can be whatever you want it to be. – The outsourcing of your M&E services, cleaning and security, or perhaps project management and office support services. We provide the service you require, and every service is therefore tailor-made to facilitate your requirements using our appropriate industry skills and experience.

What can you do for me?

We will save you time and money. Alright, so it isn’t quite as simple as that for us, but for you it can be. If your company is having problems with services such as maintenance, cleaning, IT, security, or indeed any part of your daily life that does not directly affect the core business of your company, we can help you.

We can take over the responsibility of numerous items that clutter up your working day (the water hasn’t been delivered again, the security guard has gone off sick, and the help desk system has crashed) take responsibility for all these different areas, improve your services and save you money. How? Why not contact one of our team, and we can help you further…

What is Risk Reward?

Risk and Reward deals are normally an integral feature of our commercial relationships. We are used to structure profit share arrangements but through experience have found these to be often adversarial and consequently not of mutual benefit – this not in our style.

Our ‘Risk and Reward’ deals are bespoke for each client, but typically put around 30% of our fee income at risk and equally at reward. Reward payments are only paid out when we have saved money from the agreed annual client signed off budget, complied with all statutory requirements and delivered all services to or above the agreed standards determined in each contract. Not only do we put our money where our mouth is, but 50% of our reward payments are distributed to the staff directly employed on the client site delivering the facilities services in question. In this manner we generate an open and trusting relationship with our clients, whilst motivating and rewarding our site teams throughout the year – surely a win-win situation?

What savings can you make?

We can save you money through bulk buying services, by creating and managing a more effective team for you both on and off site. As we are solely focusing on facilities management and do not have the responsibility of your principle business, it is easier for us to solve effectiveness problems as an objective outsider. With years of FM experience, we regularly implement cost-cutting actions that benefit all parties involved.

Why choose Incentive FM?

Incentive FM is a dynamic company, with a staff that have a total of over 90 years experience. We offer a first-rate service, full client satisfaction, and a number of specific cost-saving initiatives. We will work to your requirements, and can offer exceptional value for money, and a friendly helpful team. Why not contact us, to arrange an appointment, or simply find out more information?

What is the cost?

The on-cost to your current FM spend would be a small percentage management fee. However, these fees are usually more than covered by the savings that are made once we have been instructed. The savings are achieved by various methods such as restructuring and the instigation of more competitive procurement practices. Hence the Facilities management outsourcing exercise is self-funding. For a more specific quote, please contact one of our team for more details.